The New Frontier of Neuro Tech

On behalf of VoxxLife, Prosper From Health brings a totally unique opportunity to the UK market with the introduction of VoxxLife products. VoxxLife has a proprietary touch pattern (VOXX HPT) embedded within their products that impacts and improves human neurology. VoxxLife products have been proven to improve balance, stability, range of motion, energy level, and help manage pain more effectively.

You now have a chance to not only find out more about this groundbreaking, unique technology, it’s benefits and impact on human health, but also to understand the potential benefits of getting involved as an independent promoter at this early stage of development.

Due to the immediate and visible difference that customers experience during a 5 minute, balance, stability, and range of motion demonstration, relationship or ‘person to person’ marketing is the perfect sales channel to bring this incredible technology to the market place.

As the products are exclusively marketed by medical and health practitioners and also passionate,  educated, home-based entrepreneurs it means that there is an exclusive home based business for anyone in the UK inspired to develop an excellent ongoing, part or full-time income, promoting products that they are proud to represent.

To find out more, please contact the person who introduced you to the products or business.

They will be able to send you an email invitation to pre-register (FREE) in advance of the company’s official UK launch.

They will also be able to advise you of any online information, forthcoming online presentations or ‘live’ hotel presentations in London/Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester and other areas throughout the UK.

Most of the questions you may have can be answered by the person who invited you, or one of the most active team members they work with, however, if that fails, you can make contact by email listed below.

Thank you for joining the mission!


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